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we utilize the best of Ancient Wisdoms and Modern Science in order to treat and heal the body, mind and spirit.



to the most modern scientific equipment available, our unique and extensive approach to your well being is second to none.

At the Health Within Rejuvenation Center, our entire team of qualified and experienced professionals understands that health is about more than just the absence of sickness. Health is achieving a state of harmony throughout your entire system. Sickness is a manifestation of an imbalance in one or more of these realms. We are located in Los Angeles, West Hollywood and specialize in Acupunture, Massage, Pain Relief, Neurotherapy & much more!

Healing power exists within each of us. When we face challenges with our physical, emotional, or mental health, it is time to reconnect with our own inner Source.

We know that you are a Whole Being and we are here to help you begin on a path to rediscovering the fullness of your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness.

By calling (323) 866-1808 you can make an appointment with anyone on our team for Acupuncture, Neurotheraphy, Massage and much more, or you can do an initial consultation to help you decide what the best modality would be for your particular situation.